Flyboard flying instruction


Only hours are left until your flight.

Here are some great tips.

1. Take-off – you jump into the water being straightened, especially legs (knees), you swim away to a safe distance, ie until the hose is straightened (20m). Remember to swim in the direction you want to fly each time you are in the water. So that the snake is like a tail behind you and you have full control over it.

2. Remember not to bend your legs at the knees and at the same time distribute the weight of the body over the entire foot, and even slightly on the heels, push your hips forward to stand on the board from a lying position.

3. At the same time, adding gas, the instructor will take you out to the water. The flyboard is so powerful, there is no need for you to try to get up yourself. Take care not to bend your knees or torso. At this crucial moment, it is worth stiffening up.

4. When the feet pierce the surface of the water, slightly bend your knees and shift the weight to the tongues of the shoes. You will fly forward.

5. Flying is nothing more than balancing the body. You shift your weight to your left leg and you fly to the left, to your right leg to the right. Backwards on your heels – avoid this – at the beginning you will end up flying backwards and you will fall into the water.

6. Try to fly on the straightened snake. Make long turns and avoid coiling the hose. Then you get the full power and fun of flight.

7. Look ahead, not down. You will automatically not slouch or lose your balance.

8. Remember that the snake is always behind then you have control over it.

Good luck and see you by the water!



Hoverboard flight – how to start your adventure?

Using this board is very similar to Wakeboard or even Snowboard. The difference is, you can fly on a Hoverboard!

1. Jump into the water and swim to the board. Grab the front part and lie down on it. When the instructor turns on the jet ski, you will slowly start swimming forward on the board.

2. Swim away from the scooter equal to the length of the hose. You can recognize the snake’s stretching by starting to tow the scooter. If you want to turn the board to the left or right, all you have to do is shift your body weight in the right direction.

3. To stand on the board, insert your rear foot into the binding. Tuck your front leg towards you or step into the other binding. It is a matter of convenience.

4. When you are ready, the instructor will slowly begin to add strength. It is very important to put a lot of weight on the front of the board at all times.

5. With the added power of the scooter, you will start to emerge, entering the so-called shoe. Slowly straighten your arms and push the front of the plank away. Put the other leg in the binding, if you haven’t already done so.

6. Let go of the front of the board and get up. Remember to keep your weight on the front leg at all times.

7. Swim on slightly bent knees and twist your torso. Try to do this calmly by making wide bends to keep the hose stretched. Remember that every twist of the hose results in a temporary loss of power and a slight jerk, which often ends in an overturn.

8. If you feel more confident, try to fly! How to do it? All you have to do is lean back slightly and lift your front leg. To get back on the water – lean forward again. To maintain flight, balance your body front / rear.

9. In a situation where you lose control of the board during the flight, it is recommended to “disembark”.

10. Remember that the instructor always looks after your safety and fun, so always follow his instructions and feel like Marty McFly from “Back to the Future”

11. See also video instrutakż from producer Zapata Racing.