The condition for using the services and proper use of the “” system is to read and comply with the REGULATIONS presented below. Regulations for the use of the website “” and the services provided by Kajetan Sikorski ul. Wojskowa 8A / 23 60-792 Poznań.


1. These Regulations are based on the provisions resulting from:
– the Act of July 18, 2002. (Journal of Laws 144/2002, item 1204, as amended) on the provision of electronic services,
– the Act of August 29, 2000 (Journal of Laws 133/1997 item 833 as amended) on the protection of personal data,
– the Act of March 2, 2000 (Journal of Laws 22/2000, item 271, as amended) on the protection of certain consumer rights and liability for damage caused by a dangerous product – with regard to the conclusion of distance contracts;
– the Act of April 23, 1964. (Journal of Laws 16/1964 item 93 as amended) Civil Code
2. assumes that each CUSTOMER, in his own interest, provides all information correctly and in accordance with the facts; therefore, the CUSTOMER is solely and exclusively responsible for the consequences of irregularities resulting from improper, incomplete or untrue filling in the system forms (providing the data necessary for the correct implementation of the ordered Voucher).
2.1) assumes that each CUSTOMER has made sure, in the case of a Voucher, the use of which may depend on the state of health, general psychophysical condition or the age of the GIFT, that the latter may use the selected Voucher. It is the CUSTOMER’s responsibility to make sure that the GIVEN meets them. If it turns out that the state of health, general psychophysical condition of the RECIPIENT, age, lack of entitlements or skills do not allow the Voucher to be redeemed, neither the GIVEN nor the CUSTOMER shall be entitled to any claims, in particular a claim for a refund of the prepayment made, against .
2.2) The provisions of point 2.1. apply accordingly in a situation where the CUSTOMER has not made sure that the GIVEN may, due to administrative requirements, redeem the Voucher, the implementation of which is related to a trip abroad, in particular is not responsible for whether the GIVEN RECEIVER has a valid passport and whether he will obtain documents (such as a visa) authorizing him to enter the territory of a foreign country.


The terms used in these regulations mean:
– – a company providing services consisting in renting equipment with hydro-jet propulsion.
– CUSTOMER – a person who orders at for the gifted person – acting on their own behalf and for their own account, Voucher,
– VOUCHER – a document confirming the conclusion of the contract and authorizing the bearer (the GIVEN) to use the services of,
– VALIDITY PERIOD OF THE VOUCHER – the period of time during which the Voucher must be booked on the website or by e-mail at and actually completed. After this period, the Voucher cannot be redeemed. Each voucher is valid for 12 months, the date by which the voucher must be used is indicated on it.
– BOOKING DATE – due to the seasonal nature of’s operations, the customer may redeem his Voucher on the dates available at

– GIVEN – a person who, after making a reservation, filling in and presenting a VOUCHER, is entitled to use the services of the Contractor specified in this document,
– FULFILLMENT of the Voucher – performance of the service ordered by the CUSTOMER for the GIVEN,
– SYSTEM FOR CONCLUDING THE CONTRACT – hereinafter referred to as the SYSTEM, it is one of the elements of the website, which enables the handling of the contract conclusion process using the algorithm – the procedures contained in these Regulations,
– VOUCHER CODE – may contain numbers and letters that identify the order of a specific Voucher,
– Voucher DESCRIPTION – this is a definition of what the GIVEN can expect. However, stipulates that this is a description that defines the nature of the experience, and its actual implementation may differ from the terms used on the website., in terms of such details as the exact duration, appearance of devices, type of equipment used, etc. In particular, the photos posted on the website are exemplary and do not have to exactly match the actual implementation.
– WORKING DAY – every day from Monday to Friday, from 9.00 to 18.00, excluding public holidays.


1. acting on its own behalf and on its own account, it provides equipment rental services in line with the offer at or passes the client over to a subcontractor who provides services at a similar level.
2. The Voucher is ordered by following the procedures provided for by the SYSTEM, i.e .:
a.selecting the Voucher, the order of which the CUSTOMER is interested in, which takes place by clicking the “buy Voucher” button,
b. clicking the “next step” button,
c. accepting selected Vouchers and providing their necessary data or data of the recipient,
d. selecting the method of prepayment for the Voucher, as well as the manner in which the CUSTOMER will be delivered the VOUCHER,
e. after completion, the CUSTOMER receives an e-mail confirmation of the order.
2.1) It is also possible to order a Voucher by phone, in such a situation these regulations are also binding, about which the CUSTOMER is informed each time in the e-mail confirming the order.
3. The conclusion of the contract takes place when the user selects the box visible on the screen next to the word “I accept the regulations”, which means that he has read and accepted the terms of these Regulations. From that moment on, it is assumed that the CUSTOMER has concluded a contract with
3.1 In the event that the CUSTOMER orders the Voucher by phone, the moment of concluding the contract is the moment of payment of the entire price and it is also tantamount to the fact that the CUSTOMER has read these regulations and accepts its content.
4.1) As a condition for receiving the envelope referred to in point 2 d) is to make a prepayment in the amount specified on the website The prepayment given there for the Vouchers does not include VAT.
4.2) In any case, prepayment is the only service to which the CUSTOMER is obliged.
4.3) Under no circumstances can VOUCHERS be exchanged for money, they only entitle you to use the service in accordance with the offer, subject to point IV – 1.

4.4) Provision of the prepayment specified in point 4 may take place as follows:
– by making a transfer to the bank account
– using any payment methods accepted by direct payment systems (i.e. or), as a partner of
5. The prepayment is considered made when it is credited to the account at Bank Millennium S.A. with the number: 20 1160 2202 0000 0000 7560 6609, as soon as it is posted by the website, or another website of a similar nature.
6. The VOUCHER for the RECEIVER is delivered to the CUSTOMER according to his choice as follows:
a. via a courier company recognized on the market to the address provided in the order, usually within 1-2 business days of posting the prepayment, plus shipping costs, on the account, but it depends on the work of this enterprises, for which is not responsible,
c. By means of an e-mail box. The free Voucher is generated in a PDF file and sent to the e-mail address provided by the customer.
6.1) If the CUSTOMER does not collect the sent Voucher at the address indicated in the order, re-shipment is possible after the CUSTOMER pays the shipping fee again.
7. The GIFT holder may redeem the received VOUCHER during the period of validity of the VOUCHER.
The period of validity of the VOUCHER is 12 months or a full season from the date of placing the order.
In order to redeem the Voucher, after handing over the VOUCHER to the CUSTOMER, the latter must contact the contractor before the BOOKING DATE, in order to precisely determine such details of implementation as: place and time of the Voucher, CONTRACTOR’s data and any other necessary details. Reservations after the expiry of the RESERVATION DATE and before the expiry of the VALIDITY PERIOD of the VOUCHER, will be made as far as possible and availability of places.
7.1) In order to change the date of the Voucher to a different date, the GIVEN is obliged to contact the contractor in advance, but not later than five working days before the agreed date. Such a change can be made up to 2 times, with the proviso that after the reservation deadline, such a change is no longer possible.
7.2) The Contractor undertakes to make every effort to ensure that the Voucher is redeemed at the most convenient time for the GIVEN, but is not able to guarantee the implementation of the Voucher on a specific day.
7.3) Failure to redeem the Voucher within the period of validity of the VOUCHER, as well as failure to make a reservation before the BOOKING DATE, shall mean withdrawal from the contract and the expiry of all rights related to it, in particular, it will result in the inability to redeem the Voucher by the GIVEN and therefore neither the GIVEN nor the CUSTOMER is entitled to claims, in particular a claim for the return of the prepayment paid.
8. If the VOUCHER is lost or damaged, and the execution date (the validity of the VOUCHER has not yet expired) and it has not been fulfilled yet, it is possible, but only at the request of the CUSTOMER and upon presentation of the proof of purchase, to issue a duplicate of the VOUCHER.
If the Voucher is lost or damaged, it is possible to issue a duplicate only in an electronic version (e.g. eVoucher).
9. The condition for the implementation of the Voucher, after agreeing the relevant details with the contractor, is the handing over to the CONTRACTOR by the GIVEN, completed VOUCHER. In the event of a refusal to hand over the VOUCHER, the CONTRACTOR is entitled to refuse to redeem the Voucher.
10.1) The GIVEN is obliged to follow the CONTRACTOR’s instructions, recommendations, regulations, guidelines and orders. The implementation is possible if the recipient is sober, an adult or has the consent of a legal guardian. The CONTRACTOR has the right to check these circumstances, and the GENTILE is required to present the relevant documents. The refusal to present the above-mentioned documents is the basis for the CONTRACTOR’s refusal to perform.

10.2) The CONTRACTOR may refuse to redeem the Voucher if the GIFT RECEIVER does not comply with his instructions or is in a state after the use of alcohol, intoxicants or due to the health or psychophysical condition of the GIVEN.
10.3) The Contractor may also request the GIVEN to sign an additional statement if it is related to the protection of health or safety during the implementation.
10.4) Failure of the GIFT to appear at the place of the Voucher implementation or its late arrival by more than 15 minutes. causes the loss of the right to redeem the Voucher, regardless of the reasons, and therefore also in the event of delay or failure to appear at the place of implementation for random reasons.
10.5) The CONTRACTOR may refuse to redeem the Voucher in a situation where, according to his opinion, it could pose a threat to the health or life of the RECIPIENT. In such a case, the GIVEN sets a new date for the realization of the Voucher directly with the Contractor. In such a situation, the contractor does not cover the costs incurred by the Giver in connection with the implementation of the Voucher, especially such as transport and accommodation costs.
10.6) Provisions of 10.5 shall apply accordingly to situations where the failure to redeem the Voucher was due to technical reasons beyond the control of the Contractor, such as, in particular, failures of machinery and equipment.
10.7) In the situations described in 10.5 and 10.6 and in a situation when too many Vouchers are redeemed in a given place on a specific day, the Contractor reserves the right to change this place, about which he will inform the GIFT FOR at least 6 hours. before the planned date of implementation. In such a situation, the GIVEN, if he does not agree to the new place of performance, may, without incurring additional costs, agree with the Contractor on a new date for the implementation of the Voucher.
11. In the case of GIFTED minors or those who do not have full civil law capacity to redeem the Voucher, the consent of the legal guardians of the minor or the person without full civil law capacity, expressed in the form of a notarial deed, or the presence of at least one of the guardians at the place where the Voucher is redeemed. The lack of a consent document or the absence of one of the guardians are the basis for the CONTRACTOR to refuse to redeem the Voucher.


1. In any case, within 10 days of receiving the VOUCHER, if the Voucher has not yet been redeemed or booked, the CUSTOMER may withdraw from the contract in writing and cancel the Voucher without giving reasons, notifying the contractor in writing to the company’s address or by e-mail. @ and on the condition of returning the VOUCHER.
2. A declaration of will resulting in the CUSTOMER’s withdrawal from the contract is also considered to be a failure to make any payment to the contractor’s bank account within 5 working days from the moment of ordering the Voucher or making a payment in a lower amount than the specified amount, or by submitting an appropriate statement in writing, if it was received by the contractor before the deadline specified in point 1.
3. The Contractor undertakes to consider each written complaint within 7 days from the date of delivery, guided by the protection of the legitimate interest of the CUSTOMER or the GIVEN.
4. The provisions concerning complaints or returns apply only to Vouchers issued by the Contractor.


1. The Contractor reserves the right to withdraw from the contract concluded with the CUSTOMER in a situation where the implementation of the Voucher would turn out to be impossible or would be associated with abnormally high costs – then the CUSTOMER is refunded the entire prepayment made, unless he decides to use the alternative offer presented to him by the Contractor.
2.Cases of force majeure are, in particular, situations where the Voucher cannot be redeemed, or it would be associated with abnormally high costs, for reasons beyond the control of the contractor,
such as: the CONTRACTOR’s cessation of activity and the inability to find another on the market, exceeding the usual business risk, an increase in the costs of running a business caused by decisions of local or central authorities, strikes, demonstrations, weather disasters, terrorist activity, etc.


1. The data controller within the meaning of the Act of August 29, 2000. (Journal of Laws 133/1997 item 833 as amended) on the protection of personal data is the Contractor.
2.1) The personal data of the CUSTOMER and the DUTY GIVEN will not be transferred to other persons without their knowledge and consent. Making a payment to the bank account of CGB Sp. z o.o. constitutes the CUSTOMER’s unambiguous consent to provide their personal data to CGB Sp. z o.o. only for the purpose of redeeming the Voucher.
2.2) The use by CGB Sp. z o.o. collected data for purposes other than those specified in point 2.1., In particular for advertising and marketing purposes, requires the prior consent of the CUSTOMER and the GIVEN.
2.3) The CUSTOMER always has the right to inspect their data and correct them. However, the CUSTOMER is solely responsible for the consequences of the changes made.
3. The CUSTOMER may at any time request the removal of his personal data from the Contractor’s files, which the company is obliged to do immediately.


1. Any complaints for non-performance or improper implementation of the Voucher shall be reported by the CUSTOMER or the GIFT to the Contractor, no later than 14 days from the moment the Voucher is redeemed or from the moment it was to be realized.
2. The Contractor shall immediately take steps to settle the complaint in the most beneficial way for the CUSTOMER.
3. The Contractor shall not be liable if an unauthorized person comes into possession of the VOUCHER and realizes it. In such a situation, the Voucher is treated as redeemed by the GIVEN.
4. The Contractor recommends to all the GIFT ENTITIES who received the VOUCHER to conclude appropriate insurance contracts with the Insurance Companies of their choice.
5. The offer on the website is as precisely described as possible, and their characteristics correspond to what can be expected by both the CUSTOMER and the GIVEN. Nevertheless, the Contractor reserves the possibility of minor differences between the description and its actual implementation, in particular with regard to such features as color, brand, type, etc.
6. In the event of any disputes related to the implementation of the Voucher, the Contractor undertakes to make every effort to settle them amicably, and if it proves impossible, the competent courts for the seat of the Contractor will be competent to hear them.
7. These regulations constitute an integral part of the concluded contract.


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