Reservation terms and conditions

The participant declares that he / she takes part in a jump / flight on a flyboard, hoverboard, jetpack, flyride, skimboard track and blob (hereinafter referred to as attractions) organized by Hydro Sport sp.z o.o. hereinafter referred to as

The participant declares that he is aware of the risks and possible dangers and consequences of accidents that may result from participating in the attractions.

The participant declares that he has read the safety recommendations (in particular, the participant declares that he was informed by the organizer about the need to have a protective helmet and the recommendation to have other protectors and rules for moving around the track. The participant undertakes to follow the instructor’s recommendations.

1) The participant declares that his health allows him to participate in the attractions and that he has no medical contraindications. He is sober and not under the influence of any intoxicants. This means that there is no alcohol or drugs in the blood.

2) The participant agrees to use his image in photos and film material for commercial purposes.

3) If the participant is a minor, a declaration of at least one of the parents or legal guardians is required.

4) The participant declares that he has read the instruction on the website theoretical training and understood it in accordance with the regulations of the website.

5) The participant declares that he will bear full civil liability for the damages caused by him.